Do You Make These Mistakes When Selling to Boomers or Seniors?

9 sure-fire ways to drive away your best paying (and loyal) customers

Chances are, Boomers and Seniors are the wealthiest buyers you have in your business. They're loyal, they'll pay premium prices for quality products and services, and they LOVE to share their experiences with their friends.

To top it off... the number of people over 53 years of age is massive!

They have the money, the network of friends and family, and the shear numbers that can make or break your business...

...and all they ask of you is to avoid these 9 mistakes.

Ignore their requests, and they will leave en masse, taking their loyal group of friends and family with them (not to mention how much the media loves to report stories on any business taking advantage of boomers or seniors).

My name is Adam Linden, a Licensee of Age-Friendly Business, offering businesses Membership in the Age-Friendly Business Alliance.

Our mandate is to help your business become the preeminant choice for your prospective clients to buy from. We are here to show you what they want (and dislike the most), and how to keep them loyal and your best source of referrals.

Recently, we interviewed some Boomers and Seniors about the biggest mistakes businesses make when asking for their money. 

Here are their responses...


The above videos show you how annoyed they get when you don't respect them, or treat them in a condescending manner. Do YOU enjoy being disrespected? Of course not! These simple requests from your potential buyers should NOT be ignored!


As you age, certain things become your highest priorities. The 3 videos above show you exactly what safety features they want to see in your business if you want them as a loyal paying customer.


What drives them crazy (and away from your cash register)? These 3 things! You have to make it EASY for them to do business with you, and these 3 simple things you can change are 3 BIG steps forward to gaining their trust!

Do you want more Boomers and Seniors buying from you?

We have helped hundreds of businesses improve their customer satisfaction ratings in the Boomer and Senior market. 

We are recognized as experts in North American for servicing the Boomer and Senior market.  

Not only that, we are also very easy to get help from. 

Membership in our Age-Friendly Business Alliance is designed to help you overcome these 9 mistakes commonly made, and to create an environment that attracts boomers and seniors to your business in record numbers.

Do well while doing it right...

A major Bank (a name you would definitely know) pilot tested our program with a 12 branch district, learning how to be more Age-Friendly, and their age 55+customers increased 4.8% in one year, and their customers increased their purchases by 13%!

Do you want to know how big of an impact Membership in the Age-Friendly BusinessĀ® Alliance can make in YOUR business? 

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Do not leave your businesses revenue to chance. We can help you service the biggest market in North America, build your loyal customer base, and become the talk of the town with those that buy.

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