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Meet David Kirkup!

Age-Friendly Business Case Study

David Kirkup is a typical CPCA graduate.  He is an owner of a small business with four full-time employees.  His Manitoba-based company specializes in Insurance and Financial Planning. 


David has been involved in this business in some ways for his whole life.  His father started in the insurance field back in 1958, and David has grown up with this business as an integral part of his life.  But, before actually joining the family business, David first worked in the general insurance field.  He then joined his family business in 1999, adding his knowledge of general insurance to the foundation his father had built around life insurance.


After working in the family business for several years, David formally purchased the company from his parents, although his father remains a very active part of the business.  David knew that the family was a solidly run, stable business.  But he also was aware that he was seeing that there was a distinctly different clientele that he was serving as compared with his father.  David felt that he needed to figure out a way that he could do a better job of relating to the market of this older audience that was such an integral part of the client base of his business.  And David was keenly aware that the real opportunity to grow his business, even more, was to serve the rapidly growing Boomer/Senior market.


So, after doing a little research, he enrolled in the CPCA Program.  He immediately saw that the educational exposure to the Boomer/Senior market with the course was something that would help him relate better to this growing group of clients and prospects.  He wanted, as he has said, “…to break the barrier between the older clientele and prospects and my thinking.”


After completing the course, and earning his CPCA designation, David has said that he learned about how to “think in an older state.”  Because of the age difference between him and his clients and prospects, his view of estate planning had been completely different, particularly in his view of risk.  Once he completed the course, it opened up a new way to relate to the Boomer/Senior market, allowing him to feel like he “could walk in their shoes.” 


Thank You From The AFB Team David

David’s story is typical of the our
CPCA Members. 

He immediately noticed that he was relating better to his prospects.  As he put it, “I moved a little from the left brain to the right brain thinking.  I was always talking about numbers to my clients and prospects before I became involved as a CPCA Member, but now I’m finding I’m relating on a more emotional level.”

Once he realized this, he also became aware that his prospects were better able to relate to him.  He gradually changed how he presented his business to a prospect.  There were fewer charts and graphs, and much more emphasis on family and relationships.  And, he found that the clients and prospects immediately reacted to these changes.

His business has boomed ever since.. He knew that the opportunity to serve the Boomer/Senior market was enormous, and he found that with a slight change in the way he approached the market his prospects responded with open arms. 

He saw that his presentation style changed in a real organic manner.  He was no longer rushing people in and out the door as he had done in the past.  He wasn’t just concentrating on talking to them about the numbers; instead, he began to make his presentation about building a relationship with him - he was relating to his prospects directly, at their level.  He was able to show them that he cared about them.  They knew that he had taken a course about them for their well-being, and that was important to them.  He says. “Letting people know that you are thinking about them and looking after their needs is huge in their eyes.” 

His clients and prospect responded by giving him more of their business.  In fact, after gaining the CPCA designation, he reports that he doubled his income over the previous year.  His newfound knowledge of the market enabled him to more effectively relate to the Boomers/Seniors and that resulted in his ability to gain their respect and trust.

Isn’t this the kind of results you want for your business? 

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