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Help You Thrive in the ‘Longevity Economy,’ representing the $15 trillion dollar global spending power of the age 50+ population.  

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We Know: It’s competitive out there and every member of your team must know more and do more to achieve more!  

We Know: You care about your Customers, your Communities, your Teams' Success, your Bottom Line.  

We Know: Exceptional and age-relevant customer services will lead to exceptional results.

We Know: Boomers and Seniors are your ideal customers. 

• Boomers and Seniors represent almost 50% of our population • Boomers and Seniors hold up to 80% of all assets • Boomers and Seniors are responsible for 50%+ of all discretionary spending.... yet....  

• While 80% of Boomers have BIG spending power, 40% of Boomers feel ignored, and many seniors feel downright invisible.  

The opportunity is even bigger than you think. You may think some of your products and services are targeted to millennials -- but do you know who are actually making the buying decisions and paying for the technology, toys, children's clothes, education, and vacations? Who are co-signing loans and mortgages? Can you afford not to know more?  

Did You Know?  

• 82% of those polled stated that customer experience is the most important aspect that a business can offer to differentiate itself from its competition. (Deloitte 2013)  

• 62% of consumers switched their loyalties because of poor customer experience. (Accenture, 2013)  

• 70% of the buying experiences are based on how that customer feels they are being treated. (McKinsey Company)  

Rather than being disturbed by these statistics, astute businesses recognize the tremendous opportunity for those who care enough to learn more, serve better, and be recognized for their efforts.  

WHEN YOU GET IT RIGHT... Your revenues grow by attracting and retaining the loyal and lucrative age 50+ market. You'll get more clients, who engage with you more often, who tell others and bring their friends -- all while doing the RIGHT thing.  



 MOST OF ALL -- WE KNOW: OUR PROGRAMS GET RESULTS! We have testimonials and case studies of Businesses doubling and tripling their revenues in just one year! We'll show you how!  

We have a proven system that creates Predictable Transformation.  

From the phone, the front door, to the cashier and parking lot -- your customers will experience a seamless, consistent, age-relevant experience.  

Our system consists of 3 main elements that when accessed and implemented, will lead to predictable growth while serving your community well. It works -- we have the proof -- we'd like to make it work for you.  

Done for You. We have left nothing to chance, and have provided the education, recommendations, tips and actual tools to execute the very next day!  

The 3 elements of this system include: • Education • Differentiation • Promotion  

Education Our Age-Friendly Business® Foundation Course is a 90 minute dynamic and interactive online experience introducing your staff to some of the age-related changes that can impact the way your customers, clients, and patients access and engage with your services. We then drill down to offer specific recommendations for your industry that can be implemented the very same day!

Differentiation Stand apart and THRIVE! Your offices and business centres can become recognized and celebrated as an Age-Friendly Business® and enjoy Membership in the International Age-Friendly Business® Alliance. 

Promotion Marketing Manager in a Box! This is where the magic begins! The alchemy of converting Information to Transformation and Success to Significance! We have tools, materials and tips for you for every stage of the sales process.

 Our education and resources help your team address what is important to your customers!  

We start with the definition of ageism, challenge some of our fears and stereotypes about aging, and then distinguish the facts from fiction. Fun and engaging case studies are used to illustrate some of the age-related challenges and opportunities. From changes in vision and hearing to fall prevention, from arthritis to Alzheimer's Disease, from mobility aids, transportation needs, sensory loss, communication strategies and ultimately, to some of the good news information we know about aging well. At the end of each case study, industry specific recommendations are offered with practical suggestions that can be implemented the very next day.

All of that in an engaging and interactive 90 minute experience! Each modules takes about 8-12 minutes and can be enjoyed one at a time or all at once -- online or at a staff meeting!

Personalized and Customized: We create an exclusive customized portal for your team to enjoy unlimited access to outstanding education and resources 24/7.  

This Longevity Economy is expected to make up 52% of the US GDP by 2032!  

Can You Afford Not To Learn More?  

Can Your Team Afford Not To Know More?  

The Proof!


Below are some case studies confirming what can happen when you get it right!  

Doubled revenues in one year! David Kirkup took over his father's established and successful business. A young man, David recognized the power of the age 50+ market and set out to learn more about how he could serve them better. He enrolled in our Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)® designation course, and based on what he learned, made some changes to how he offered his service. His efforts and attention paid off! His established revenues doubled in just one year!  

David's community noticed and cared! In church one day, an older member of the congregation stood up and exclaimed:  

"David, I see you took a course to learn more about ME. God bless you for looking after us seniors!" Gert from Brandon, MB  

Doing it right gets noticed!  

Tripled revenues in one year and added $75 million to his book of business in 4 short years! Alan Atkins is a boomer and understood the power of his own cohort. He earned his Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)® designation and made sure that his community knew about his commitment to serving them well! He focused his marketing on the age 50+, tripled his revenues in one year, and added $75 million to his book of business in the following 4 years!  

• "Earning this designation has helped me to triple my business and become one of the top Insurance and Long Term Care Advisors in Canada for RBC. My referrals have increased dramatically, and I host seminars that regularly attract more than 100 participants. Getting the designation has helped me to shift from working in my business, to working on my business! The course has also changed me personally, making me more empathetic and patient. It has given me a context for understanding seniors' emotional, health and social concerns and I am now more than a good purveyor of products, but a true life event planning-focused advisor." Greg Pearson  

Marketing makes a difference!  

Major Canadian Bank increased share of wallet by 13% in one short year! An entire district of one of Canada's major banks completed the Certified Age-Friendly Business (CAFB)® program (International Age-Friendly Business® Alliance.) • Within one year, the number of their age 55+ customers increased 4.3% and the revenues per customer went up a whopping 13%!  

It works! Finding out what your ideal clients want, giving it to them, and advertising the fact leads to increased revenues and happy customers!  

What your colleagues are saying

“I use the information I've gained through the training and the designation every day. It gives one a whole new perspective on the needs of seniors and boomers and has helped me to not only deal with my own aging parents, but also with boomer and senior clients.” Barbra Hopkins  

“The training and designation has enhanced our credibility and distinguishes our business from others in the eyes of our clients.” Robert Grosse  

“Our Retail team has been much better equipped to address senior issues because of the growing number of graduates in our company.” Gord Johnson  

“This is an essential designation for anybody who works with Mature Adults. A superb comprehensive study “retreat”. For others who never get “around to it” (taking the course), good luck”. Alistair D. Hicks  

“After nearly 20 years working in the “seniors’ market” I was amazed by how much I learned from this course. This may prove to be the most practical course I have taken, to help me provide the best level of service possible for my senior clients.” Ken McNaughton  

"I have attended far too many workshops, seminars and conferences to mention in my 20-year career, but I have never been so honoured to have been part of a workshop as I now am after being here... The information was invaluable, the presenters unsurpassed and the hearts behind it all have truly changed my life forever." Aaron Ruston  

"This is leading edge. This is a gift to society as a whole. It carries a responsibility to perform at your best each and every day. It gives the tools to ensure that this is truly possible." Joe Daley  

"I feel the course and designation is a must for anyone who works with our senior population. It opens the door of awareness and challenges us to grow and serve and respect this most important cohort. It helps us define our purpose and breathes more life into our business." Dan McCormick  

"The key ingredient that stands out with the leaders of this organization is their passion and enthusiasm. They have prepared my mind for senior advocacy." Garry Toy  

"The course for me is: A life changing experience, knowing that I now have the missing knowledge to really make a difference in the life of a senior." Dale Manson