Time Tested Blueprints for Attracting and Retaining MORE Boomers and Seniors in Your Business…

Meet YOUR Ideal Clients and Customers.  

They are Waiting For an Outstanding Customer Experience To Come Home To.  

Will That Be You?  


As you well know, Boomers and Seniors are fantastic customers. They are loyal, committed, with discretionary income to spend.  

Treat them right though, and they’ll be the first to spread the word about the fabulous experience you gave them. Word of mouth from friends and family is their #1 go-to source of who they choose to buy from.  

At Age Friendly Business®, we’ve helped thousands of businesses and professionals improve their customer satisfaction ratings (and sales) in the Boomer and Senior market. 

If You Are a Business or a Professional and: 


About your customers, your business, your employees, your community, and your shareholders 


That profits and people are NOT mutually exclusive 


To excel and prosper through excellence 


Being associated with an international movement of great integrity with like-minded businesses 

Then -- we need to talk…


We are recognized leaders and experts in North American for professionally servicing the Boomer and Senior market. We can help you become respected in the Boomer and Senior markets, and grow your business servicing those who will be your most loyal of clients.

Did you know...

  • Boomers and Seniors represent almost 50% of our population
  • Boomers and Seniors hold up to 80% of all assets
  • Boomers and Seniors are responsible for 50%+ of all discretionary spending...
  • 40% of Boomers feel ignored, and many seniors feel downright invisible.

We Can Help You Thrive in the ‘Longevity Economy,’ representing the $15 trillion dollar global spending power of the age 50+ population.  

Did you know...

  • 82% of those polled stated that customer experience is the most important aspect that a business can offer to differentiate itself from its competition. (Deloitte 2013)
  • 62% of consumers switched their loyalties because of poor customer experience. (Accenture, 2013)
  • 70% of the buying experiences are based on how that customer feels they are being treated. (McKinsey Company)

Rather than being disturbed by these statistics, astute businesses and professionals recognize the tremendous opportunity for those who care enough to learn more, serve better, and be recognized for their efforts. That is where we come in.  

We offer programs and solutions that align with your values and leverage your expertise and commitment.  

We have case studies and testimonials of clients who have doubled and tripled their revenues in just one year -- let us show you how they did it!

Can Your Business Afford Not to Learn More?

Can Your Team Afford Not To Know More?


Here’s 2 Simple Ways We Can Help You Become Boomer and Senior Friendly:

  • 1) Are you a Sales and Service Professional?

If you are in financial services, health services, legal services, real estate, home services, or in any business that sells directly to Boomers and Seniors…we have the help you need.  

Our highly respected Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)® Designation sets you apart from the rest. This designation shows YOUR community that YOU are a professional who cares enough to learn more and serve better. The age 50+ are powerful and influential consumers and astute professionals know that they must earn the right to excel and prosper in this powerful market.

  • 2) Do you run or own a business or service Boomers and Seniors come to?

The Age-Friendly Business Alliance program is designed to help you and your staff become knowledgable, and to learn how to offer an age-relevant and outstanding customer experience to the 50+ market. Simple training you and your team can do from any computer (or together as a group) -- providing a seal of approval for your whole community to see and celebrate.

Everybody Wins!

You now have the opportunity to position yourself as the ‘Professional and Business of Choice’ for this large and influential segment of our population.  

By taking the time and making the commitment to learn more about what your clients care about – what keeps them up at night and what they really want from you before they hand you their money, you are setting yourself in the top percentile.  

Many Businesses and Professionals have doubled and tripled their revenues in just one year when they learned how to better serve this market, and you can too!  

We are here to help… let us know what we can do to serve you.