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Age-Friendly Business Case Study

A Branch Manager for one of Canada's major banks completed his Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA) Designation.

He recognized the power of the age 50+ market and wanted to share the vision and opportunity with his colleagues.

He introduced Age-Friendly Business programs to his District Leadership and they agreed to make the commitment for their entire District to complete the 90-minute Foundation Course.

This interactive and dynamic course presented some of the more universal changes their maturing customers were likely to experience. They then learned how some of these age-related changes impact how their customers access their environment, utilize their products and services, and engage with their staff.

Participants shared that the biggest changes came from a shift in their perspective -- to consider how their customers were likely to experience what it was like to enter their branch, receive support and solutions, and feel valued and respected by the staff.

The proof was in the results!

Within one year, the number of age 55+ customers increased by 4.3%, and the purchases per customer increased a whopping 13%!

Just imagine what awareness, knowledge, commitment, and a change in perspective could do for your team and your bottom line!

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