A Golden Opportunity For Astute Professionals and Business Owners…

Do You Want MORE Boomers And Seniors Buying From You?

Here’s what to expect from them in the near future, and how to position yourself for the opportunity right in front of you…

As you well know, Boomers and Seniors carry a significant amount of clout in the marketplace. Their numbers are massive, their wealth is accelerating, and they have the greatest discretionary income of all the various demographic groups out there.

Which is the problem (and opportunity)…

You aren’t alone. Your competitors know these facts as well. The media knows it. Up-and-comers to your industry know it too.

Boomers and seniors know it most – and are APPALLED at what they see!

Boomers and seniors have the money, know it, and want to be treated with respect.

But most companies have no idea what that means to them.

After 10+ years helping companies properly service the Boomer and Senior marketplace, we’ve seen all the mistakes being made, and are here to give you insights and help to position yourself as the preeminent expert in your field.

…Which means not irritating them with the simple words most businesses use, but don’t understand how insulting they are being.

…Which means giving Boomers and Seniors the type of accessibility and treatment they desire, and reward with their loyal business.

…Which means showing them you understand their needs, and are willing to modify the way you do business so it suits them and how they like to do business.


We’ve developed a streamlined system to rapidly transform how you market and sell to Boomers and seniors.

Welcome to the Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)® Designation Course.

Customized and designed for professionals advising and serving the Boomer and Senior Market.

CPCAs agree to abide by the CPCA Code of Professional Responsibility and keep their education and membership active and up to date.

The Solution

Imagine growing your business by showing your best and most loyal customers that you care!

We offer a system, the tools and steps to make it happen so that your business is positioned for strong and sustaining growth.

Your revenues grow by attracting and retaining the loyal and lucrative age 50+ market. You'll get more customers, who engage with you more often, who tell others and bring their friends -- all while doing the RIGHT thing.

Our system consists of 3 main elements that when accessed and implemented, will lead to predictable growth while serving your community well.

It works…

we have the proof… we want to make it work for you.

We’ve left nothing to chance, and provided the education, recommendations, tips and actual tools to execute the very next day!

The CPCA® training is a single source of information about serving and excelling in the Boomer and Senior Markets.

Some of the specific skills you can leverage right now to grow your business:

  • The surprising pet peeves Boomers and Seniors have with their local suppliers (including the ones almost every single retail business falls victim to).
  • Uncovering the surprising difference on how boomers and seniors view and respond to your marketing, and what one thing you can switch today to save yourself time, hassle, and money promising the wrong things
  • Learn how to break free from the distrusted sales person role… and move into the trusted advisor role (and once you are there, learn how to use your new ‘image’ to leverage more introductions to their friends and family)
  • How to receive 6-7 TIMES as many referrals as you do now – with one SIMPLE thing you say to your clients
  • 4 Key things your 50+ clients need from you… and the 7 specific (and hot selling) tools you have at your disposal
  • Understanding the NEW RULES OF RETIREMENT, and what it means to both your clients – and your long term financial success
  • Revealed: the big mistake you are probably making with your marketing
  • Insider insights about the biggest hits and misses commonly being made when marketing to baby boomer women (who, by the way, are outspending the younger generations by over 250%)

Not only are we a leading expert and leader in North America for the Boomer and Senior marketplace…

…we also have a comprehensive toolkit unlike anything else out there.

We’ve helped thousands of professionals improve their customer service, build their businesses, and become the preeminent experts in their field.


What sets us apart... a very powerful benefit… one I imagine you don’t have yet:


We are here to help you grow your business and service Boomers and Seniors in the most professional way possible.

A big part of that lead generation and sales growth is made possible with professional marketing assets you can roll out whenever, and how ever often, you need them.

From online or offline targeted lead generation tools…

…to online or offline press releases and media magnets…

…to customer appreciation events ideas, invites, and sales tools. joint venture opportunities to expand your influence with clients in other industries...

We not only help you position you as the most knowledgeable and reliable supplier of your services in your market, we give you the tools to scale your business at a rate you want.

Here’s a small sample of how we help you grow your business and build on the respect you have now in the Boomer and Senior market:

• Unlimited access to all our designation course modules, materials, and pre-approved CE Credits!

• Unlimited access to our Marketing Tool Kit. If you want more Boomers and Seniors trusting you or using your services, we have put together a comprehensive marketing plan and toolkit to get you there.

Some of what’s included for your use:

  • Monthly newsletter prepared for you to send to YOUR clients, customized with YOUR contact information!
  • Scripted and prepared PowerPoint Presentation suitable for public seminars
  • Professionally written articles for your blog, for your Facebook or Linked In pages
  • Direct Mail Prospecting letters
  • Client Appreciation and Professional Joint Venture ideas and support materials
  • Marketing store with professionally prepared brochures, and Scam Alert cards ready for your customization.

Each and every one of these is pre-written for the Boomer and Senior market.

We use language they look for, and references they appreciate.

The marketing toolkit alone saves you countless hours throughout the year preparing materials!

Here’s how it works…

Choose the month you want to increase marketing/leads/sales, open up the toolkit, follow our plan of action, and use the tools we customize and give to you.

It’s as simple as that… and you won’t find this benefit anywhere else.

With the CPCA® course and designation, you will:

  • Learn about the unique needs and concerns of the largest and most lucrative market;
  • Provide relevant, appropriate and respectful service;
  • Protect your current business;
  • Attract your ideal clients;
  • Access tools to increase your revenues;
  • Earn a respected designation that will differentiate you in your community as a valued professional; and above all

Your investment in adding the CPCA credentials to your portfolio, and in gaining access to an entire years worth of marketing tools and sales assets:

$1195 + taxes Tuition fee -- includes first year of Membership, and then a small annual membership fee keeps your designation active.

Attractive payment options! This gives you full access to all of our educational tools and blueprints.

Not only that, you get 12 months worth of marketing tools to grow your business!

We Look Forward To Welcoming You To Our Community Changing The Way The World Sees And Serves The Age 50+!

Rest assured you are doing the Right Things for the Right Reasons and here is the KEY - without paying one cent more..

Access an Exclusive, Customized, Complimentary and Complete Marketing Solution.

so you are free to do what you do best - provide an exceptional and caring client experience!