There is a demographic out there controlling a $15 T Economy.
They are looking to spend their money with businesses that know how to offer a customer experience that is exceptional,
age-appropriate, and respectful.

Do you want to be their business of choice?
This conference can take your leadership to new levels of
success and significance in this $15 T Economy.

In today's environment, where every dollar counts, you can't afford to Get This Wrong!

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If you don't understand it -- you're not participating in it.

Can you afford not to learn more about the
$15 Trillion Longevity Economy?

Don't Be Left Behind

What You Will Learn

Boomers and Seniors are driving this $15 T Longevity Economy!

You will Find out What they want, and Learn How to give it to them!

We will present some of the universal age-related changes your ideal customers can experience and how this impacts how they access your products and services, and
engage with your staff.

Review practical and simple recommendations you can implement the very same day.

Best of all -- we have proof that it makes a difference for
your customers, your bottom line and your community.

Everyone Wins!!!

From our Renowned International Speakers:

* Enhancing your revenues and reputation through service.  Shekhar Mehta

* How to turn supposed failures to unimagined successes. Matt Paxton

* The brain science behind goal achievement for success in your business. John Assaraf

* How to establish rapport in moments to last a lifetime. Dr. Amy D’Aprix

* Leadership secrets that get noticed and make a difference in your bottom line. Fraser Pajak

* De-mystifying social media to grow your business. Julian Harcourt

* Elevating the quality of service for LGBT customers. Dr. Tim Johnston

* Purposeful profit through the insights of the enneagram.  Laurie Renton

* Understanding the $15 T Longevity Economy and what it means for you and your business. Rhonda Latreille

* Creative COVID strategies that increased revenues. Age-Friendly Business Panel

Virtual Forum
Launches June 22,23,24, 2021

$1185 Cdn -- Total Value

ONLY $270 Cdn

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What This Will Give You


Leadership in

The world keeps moving, evolving and changing and so must you! To survive and thrive, you must keep pace, learn, grow, and adapt. Cutting edge, tested, and proven, these sessions are designed to
Prepare you for...


Leadership in
Your Business

Move from information to execution and witness significant increases in your bottom line! We have case studies of our members who transformed their business and revenues and we'll show you how they did it! Leading to...


Leadership in
Your Community

Get noticed! Your reputation is your greatest currency. Use our marketing, business building, customer service and client resources to establish yourself as the business that knows more and serves better. Reap...


Doing Well While
Doing It Right

Achieving success with integrity and purpose.

It doesn't get better than that!

It's a Movement --

Come Join US!

Why Attend?

Boomers and Seniors KNOW they have BIG spending power -- yet 40% of Boomers feel IGNORED and many seniors report feeling INVISIBLE!

...what are they saying about you?

Want their Business?
Want Their Loyalty?

Earn the right to ask for it!

WHO Should Attend?

Professionals, entrepreneurs, organizations, and businesses prepared to learn more, serve better, and grow bigger.

Here's What's Included:

1. It Starts Here:

Participate in the sessions scheduled with this Launch.

Then enjoy unlimited online access to recordings for one year.

World renown speakers sharing insights designed to help you grow personally, increase your business bottom-line, and have impact in your communities.

2. Join our International Community:

Complete the 90-minute online Foundation Course and earn Membership in the International Age-Friendly Business Alliance.

Network, engage, learn, and share.

Thrive in the $15 trillion Longevity Economy when you complete a dynamic online course introducing the universal age-related changes your clients and customers are likely to experience. Learn how to offer an exceptional, more respectful and age-relevant experience to your valued community and watch your business grow!

3. There's More!

Keep the Momentum.

Join us in 3 upcoming Business Building Sessions.

Also, take advantage of the Marketing Tool Kit and Customer Resources.

The gift that keeps on giving! Keep the momentum and continue to grow and prosper. Hands on strategies and tactics to move from information to execution to success to significance. These quarterly 'how-to' sessions offer on-going tips and tools to grow your business and additional resources to serve your clients and customers and lock-in their loyalty!

4. Just For You:

Enjoy the special
Member Benefit Discounts.

Take advantage of special Preferred Pricing! From cost+ for your favorite automobile all the way to products that keep you and your loved ones safer at home. Exclusive for you, your family, customers and clients. Always adding more!

Our experts will help you learn
how to
PROSPER in the $15 Trillion
Longevity Economy experienced Worldwide.

Think you don't serve the age 50+?

Think again.

The age 50+ are driving this economy -- purchasing everything from vacations, education, technology, homes, renovations,
and lifestyle support -- for themselves AND their
adult children and grandchildren

They ARE the POWER Behind the POCKETBOOK!

Can you afford not to learn more?

Our Panel of Experts! 

Our speakers are internationally recognized business and ageing experts.

Rhonda Latreille

Founder & CEO

Age-Friendly Business

Welcome To The Forum and The
Longevity Economy

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Dr. Jane Barrett

Secretary General

International Federation on Ageing

Opening Remarks

Greg Shaw

Director, International & Corporate Relations 

International Federation on Ageing

Opening Remarks

Matt Paxton

Downsizing and Hoarding Expert

Television Presenter

Lessons and Learnings from his Journey of Entrepreneurial Slips and Successes.

John Assaraf

Mindset and Behavioral

My NeuroGym

The Neuroscience of
Small Business & Entrepreneurial Success

Dr. Amy D'Aprix

Life Transition Expert

Dr. Amy D'

Building Trust in a
Moment To Last
For a Lifetime

Fraser Pajak

Corporate Development

Fraser Pajak & Associates

When You Know What You REALLY Do -- You
Do it Better

Shekhar Mehta


Rotary International

Serve To
Change Lives

Laurie Renton

Business Woman and Change Agent

LR Future

Using Enneagram to Understand, Know, and Serve Your Clients, Customers, and Yourself

Creative Covid Solutions -- Panel

Age-Friendly Business Membership

Inspiring Stories of Innovation in Challenging Times

Dr. Tim Johnston

Sage Advocacy and Services for LGBTQ Elders

Ageing and the LGBTQ Community -- Raising the Bar on Customer Service

World Wide Change Agents

The Age-Friendly Business Movement --
Changing the Way the World Sees and Serves the Age 50+

Julian Harcourt

Over 50s Marketing

Social Media and the Over 50s --Marketing Magic For Your Business

Rhonda Latreille

Founder & CEO

Longevity Economy and YOUR Opportunity
Closing Remarks and
Call to Action

Transformation Realized

Tripled revenues in one year and added $75 million to the book of business in 4 short years! Alan Atkins is a boomer and understood the power of his own cohort.  He earned his Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)® designation and made sure that his community knew about his commitment to serving them well!  He focused his marketing on the age 50+, tripled his revenues in one year, and added $75 million to his book of business in the following 4 years! He'll tell you how he did it!

— Alan Atkins

“I have doubled my income over the past year, having successfully taken over my father’s business. My father’s book of business was an established one with long-term clients, and it was important for me to effectively relate to them and gain their respect and trust. The training offered was the answer! The course and designation is by far the best training available to make one more aware of the needs of seniors, to understand how they think, what their risk awareness is and to generally service their needs more effectively.”

— David Kirkup.

Major Canadian Bank increased share of wallet by 13% in one short year! An entire district of one of Canada's major banks completed the Certified Age-Friendly Business (CAFB)® program (Age-Friendly Business® Alliance.) 

·         Within one year, the number of their age 55+ customers increased 4.3% and the revenues per customer went up a whopping 13%!

— Major Bank.

"This is leading edge. This is a gift to society as a whole. It carries a responsibility to perform at your best each and every day. It gives the tools to ensure that this is truly possible."

— Joe Daley

“I use the information I've gained through the training and the designation every day. It gives one a whole new perspective on the needs of seniors and boomers and has helped me to not only deal with my own aging parents, but also with boomer and senior clients.”  

— Barbra Hopkins

"I have attended far too many workshops, seminars and conferences to mention in my 20-year career, but I have never been so honoured to have been part of a workshop as I now am after being here for the last three days. The information was invaluable, the presenters unsurpassed and the hearts behind it all have truly changed my life forever."  

— Aaron Ruston.

"Our Retail team has been much better equipped to address senior issues because of the growing number of graduates in our company"  

— Gord Johnson.

“After nearly 20 years working in the “seniors’ market” I was amazed by how much I learned from this course. This may prove to be the most practical course I have taken, to help me provide the best level of service possible for my senior clients.” 

—Ken McNaughton

*** Existing Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA) Members receive their very next Membership Renewal Included with this Forum! ***

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