You Know it is all About LEADERSHIP
And We Are Walking The Talk With A
25% Discount For SCA

Now, more than ever, people are looking for leadership to help them define and navigate this ‘new normal.’  Many have been there for your clients and customers from recessions, money meltdowns, to wars, and now it is time to show a new kind of leadership!

Never before have people been afraid to touch a door knob or hug a loved one.  Your team and your community need confidence, clarity, compassion and direction -- and we are here to help!

It started with the
‘30 Year Longevity Bonus’
which launched the
‘$15 Trillion Longevity Economy’
experienced World Wide!

 You Want to Be a Part of This!

Did You Know....

  • Boomers and Seniors represent almost 50% of our population
  • Boomers and Seniors hold up to 80% of all assets
  • Boomers and Seniors are responsible for 50%+ of all discretionary spending...


40% of Boomers feel ignored, and many seniors feel downright invisible.

  Many lament that:
 “they know about their products and services, but they don’t know about ME!’

That is changing...

Our members have not only secured their technical expertise, they have ALSO completed their education by learning more about what their ideal clients -- the age 50+ want and need.

Our Members know that no one cares what you know,
until they know how much you care!

Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)® Designation Course

Designed for professionals advising and serving the Boomer and Senior Market.  Registrants must complete successfully 24 different modules covering the health, social, and financial aspects of aging, as well as content covering some of the legal considerations of serving a maturing marketplace.

  CPCAs agree to abide by the CPCA Code of Professional Responsibility and keep their education and membership active and up to date.

Included Complimentary with CPCA registration:

  • Foundation Course and Membership in the International Age-Friendly Business Alliance.

Age-Friendly Business®
Foundation Course

Designed for businesses, organizations, professional and public services, this online dynamic 90-minute course introduces staff members to some of the age-related changes that can impact the way your members access and engage with your services. 

We start with the definition of ageism, challenge some of our fears and stereotypes about aging, and then distinguish the facts from the realities. 

Fun and engaging case studies are used to illustrate some of the age-related challenges and opportunities. 

From changes in vision and hearing to fall prevention, from arthritis to Alzheimer's Disease, from mobility aids, transportation needs, sensory loss, communication strategies and ultimately, to some of the good news information we know about aging well. 
At the end of each case study, industry specific recommendations are offered with practical suggestions that can be implemented the very next day.





What Your Colleagues Are Saying

Tripled revenues in one year and added $75 million to the book of business in 4 short years! Alan Atkins is a boomer and understood the power of his own cohort.  He earned his Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)® designation and made sure that his community knew about his commitment to serving them well!  He focused his marketing on the age 50+, tripled his revenues in one year, and added $75 million to his book of business in the following 4 years! He'll tell you how he did it!

— Alan Atkins

“I have doubled my income over the past year, having successfully taken over my father’s business. My father’s book of business was an established one with long-term clients, and it was important for me to effectively relate to them and gain their respect and trust. The training offered was the answer! The course and designation is by far the best training available to make one more aware of the needs of seniors, to understand how they think, what their risk awareness is and to generally service their needs more effectively.”

— David Kirkup.

"I have attended far too many workshops, seminars and conferences to mention in my 20-year career, but I have never been so honoured to have been part of a workshop as I now am after being here for the last three days. The information was invaluable, the presenters unsurpassed and the hearts behind it all have truly changed my life forever."  

— Aaron Ruston.

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